We use our eyes to see and register the facts of the world. But our scent is vital when it comes to feel the world

Uptimize your brand through sensory input

We believe scent must be as natural a part of a brand´s marketing mix as the other senses to enhance performance, reach people etc. Our purpose is to create an atmosphere that activates feelings and actions valuable for your brand.

We help brands to stand out. We help optimize your workspace. We help give your clients, customers and employees a sense of being met as valuable individuals when they enter your office, hotel, shop or even the luxury of your private home.

We create concepts by emphasizing ‘that special something’ of your brand, your product and your values. 

We bear all senses in mind, but we always begin with the sense of scent, because scent stimulates feelings, memories and moods more than any other sense.

75 % of our mood during a day is affected by the scents we register 

Creating the perfect scent to enhance specific feelings towards a brand is an expertise that few people master

scent affects behaviour

Customers stays longer and spend more money in a scented shop.

You can even increase the price with use of scent.

With scent you can differentiate your brand from your competitors.

With scent customer become more patient while in a que.

Scent is a total experience of the room – scent ads to an extraordinary atmosphere.

Creating the perfect scent to enhance specific feelings towards a brand is an expertise that few people master
Scent affects our feelings

75% of emotions are generated from scent

Our sense of smell is the strongest of the five senses, and the one most tied to memory and emotion. 75% of our emotions are generated from scent.

Scent affects mood, concentration, memory recall, and emotion. Research shows there is a 40% improvement in mood after being exposed to pleasant scents.

Let’s take advantage of that and create spaces that improve the moods of your customers.

Scent affects our feelings

scent elevates your business & your brand

Build value

Scented areas are perceived as high-end and more classy. A Nike study showed scent affected desirability of shoes in 84% of subjects, with subjects willing to pay 10%-20% more in scented environments.

Improve employee productivity and satisfaction

Different scents can improve environments and influence emotions and reactions. A case study showed that lavender and jasmine soothed data entry operator stress, while a lemon scent increased productivity by up to 54%.

Promote a theme or a product

Scent can add character to a themed environment, help customers enjoy your facilities or promote a product. For example, a well-known night club in London doubled their sales of a particular Malibu drink by introducing a coconut scent into the atmosphere.

Change perception

Ambient scent can reduce perceived waiting times and improve customer evaluations of service. Scent can reduce claustrophobia, anxiety and fear – or induce calmness, well-being and relaxation and thus improve client satisfaction and reduce cancellations.

Our scent solutions are discrete and of a very high quality