be inspired by our Scent experiences

Crisp & Invigorating: Bold, Lux & Sophisticated: Extravagance, Passionate & Sensual, Relaxing & Soothing, Savory & Gourmand, Timeless & Floral, Voyage & Escape, Warm & Inviting and Clean Routine

Let´s create real value together!

Serene customer experience

Enhance ambience, better indoor climate, higher energy level & performance, well-being for employees, clients and customers.

Our concept is aimed at offices, hotels, real estate, retail, clinics, wellness – almost everybody who wants to enhance the brand and give people a better serene customer experience when visiting you. 

If you want something exceptional we can create a signature scent for your brand. Something truly special. 

Our diffusing solutions are chosen with design and convenience in mind. The technology takes the scent to perfection – a subtle way of diffusion that never feels overwhelming.

All scents are certified and we picked them with Scandinavian “noses” in mind.

We work as a exclusive distributor in Denmark with a worldwide company based in the US and local offices around the world. They have 30+ years of experience in the technology and producing scent. 

Moreover we have a close partnership with Bravida in Denmark as our technical provider for installation and ongoing maintenance. 


Showrooms, Award shows &; exhibitions

We celebrate and honor people by providing an extraordinary experience that will be remembered for a long time.

This is storytelling at a high level.

We help you to enhance your showrooms, award show or exhibition with a scent that matches the atmosphere and the story you want people to remember. The experience becomes more authentic and you can welcome the nature inside the spaces and optimize the indoor climate. 

 You can reinforce your storytelling by using scents. We can enhance the experience based on your theme, product launch and as an interior design element. 

You can create different moods which help to support all the other senses when it comes to making an impact on people.

Scent consulting

As a scent expert I can advice you for the perfect scent solution and translate your idea. 

The right technical solution adapted to the size of space

Scent solution as a interior design element with care for the space and other elements

Suggestion of the scent including “smell” and accept of the scent 

Strategy and communication plan together with you and the responsible team

Training & knowhow 

All technology and scent is carefully chosen based on design, high quality and sustainability responsibility.