I’m the founder and creative director of Cristine Lenore Consulting. I’ve been working with scent as a branding and performance enhancing tool for more than 8 years. I am trained as a scent expert – and I’m among the less than 5% of the world’s population who has “the nose” to be able to differentiate among scents on a highly skilled level.

I believe that scent can change the way we perceive things. And science supports me on that.

I combine my marketing economist education with my passion for branding, design and scent as a tool to enhance performance, brand value and well-being. 

I have a solid career in customer experience, branding, partnerships & sales in segments such as lifestyle, beauty, fashion, hospitality and real estate. I have experience with retail and corporate at C-level for more than +15 years.

As a first mover in the scent business I have had clients like luxury boutique hotels in Scandinavia, Singapore Airlines, Maersk leadership center, Nordea, Frankrigs turistråd, Magasin, Illum’s Bolighuse in Scandinavia, several design museums as Christiansborg Slot, Kronborg, Nationalmuseet and Trapholt. I have even done a scent solution for Danida which was nominated to Danish Design Awards.

I had the great pleasure of teaching students which study Experience Economy in scent as a behavioral activator and co-working with them on several cases. I also did several lectures and workshops for Pejgruppen (Formland and  Copenhagen Fashion Week), Dansk Erhverv and other corporate clients.

My sense OF aesthetics, trends & emotions is my superpower

I have always been sensitive to moods. I notice subtle changes in the energy of a room; when it’s calm and when the energy is draining. I know how much the ambience and surroundings affects our energy and well-being and thus increase or decrease performance. 

I have always had a strong drive and have a special ability to see details and opportunities that come to me intuitively. My biggest strengths is to be different and think different. 

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Maya Angelou


my journey

My passion for moods, aesthetics, trends and well-being could very well be in my genes … or at least rooted in my early childhood.

I was adopted from Daegu in South Korea to Denmark as an 8 month old baby. I believe that I even as an infant was aware that my Korean mother gave me up and my Danish mother took me in. Babies instinctively use their sense of smell to localize their mothers. I think the memories linked to scent back then are what made me develop an interest in scent and emotional stimuli.

The feelings I had as a baby have given me a story. I have always felt different on the outside and inside. But it turned out to be an advantage for me. 

When I had my first child I felt a deep urge to find my roots and understand my ancestry and genes. I traveled to Daegu with my 9 month old daughter. This trip was definitely the start of my journey towards my life’s purpose. The korean culture is something very special. Old and filled with tradition, but also trendsetting, first moving and with a huge focus on how ambience and atmosphere stimulates feelings and moods.
Korea is known for innovational thoughts on trends, tech, air clean, beauty and design which is very compatible with Nordic taste.

The link between Korea and Denmark. The two sides of me. I had found a niche that bridged the gaps. A niche where I could use my creativity, intuition and create my own concepts and personal brand.

I was a scent entrepreneur for 8 years and received the education of my life. I traveled around the world, participated in science conferences and met inspiring people who taught me all about the scent industry. This experiences I´m now ready to use as an consultant. 

Recently I was invited to Exco Beauty Exhibition in Daegu and subsequently Seoul. This fantastic experience inspired me to once again use my expertise in scents professionally. This time closely connected to my other great passions; branding and design. 

I am proud to have genes from South Korea and I use it as an advantage in business. This is the combination that allows me to enrich myself and others with East meets West